Friday, February 1, 2013

Cruise the Arafura Sea 2/1/2013

When we began to plan for this journey and even when we started it, February seemed like such a long time off. Now, it is with a certain amount of amazement that we begin the month.

We are continuing our travels to Darwin. Throughout the day we passed a variety of islands.Viewing these islands, with their varied characteristics, against a backdrop of different colored water, lighting and cloud formations made for many beautiful sights. 

In the afternoon there was a “county fair” onboard. The format was the same as Christmas day. Each department set up a booth at which passengers could win raffle tickets that would be used in a drawing for prizes at the end of the fair. Some booths were the same as on Christmas, while others had new tasks for participants to perform or at which they would compete. Today, I brought my camera.
County Fair at Sea
Putt putt through the beer bottles
Pin the Joey on the Kangaro

Two players, one wins the ticket

Roll the string to pull your camel

This evening we went to the passenger led Friday night services. This cruise in its entirety goes from Rome to Beijing. We are traveling on three segments. The first segment services were led by a Cantor from Melbourne, the second by a gentleman from Ft. Worth, Texas and now by a retired Rabbi from Boston. 

For dinner the weather was so nice and because we did not want to wait a half hour for a table inside the restaurant, we decided to eat on the outside deck. While eating our appetizers we began to feel a few raindrops, but nothing to be concerned about. Suddenly the skies opened  and it began to pour. Everyone on the deck rushed into the restaurant and we were all seated in an area that is normally closed in the evening. Luckily the main course had not yet been served. No harm was done to our dinner or to us and a nice evening was had by all.

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