Friday, February 8, 2013

Cruise the Java Sea 2/8/2013

One of the unexpected pleasures of this trip has been the time I have had to sit on our balcony. More than any other cruise on which we have been, it has been a delight to sit in the early morning, late afternoon or late at night. On various mornings I have watched the sunrise, our ship arrive into port or just relaxed, watching the water and listening to the sound of the waves. In the afternoon I could do the opposite, watching the sunset and the activity in the bay as the ship heads out to sea. Late at night, when we were surrounded by water and the only light comes from our vessel, the stars put on an amazing show.

Over the course of this journey we have seen many variations of the sunrise...

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island

... and the sunset, for which I must admit, we were more often awake.

Melbourne, first and second night of second visit
Timor Sea
After leaving Komodo

After sunset, how special it was when we could end the day with the moon 
reflected on the water.

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