Monday, February 4, 2013

Continuing to cruise the Arafura Sea 2/2/2013

"Is the earth flat?"
Today is Ground Hogs Day and I do feel sympathy for the animal that will be pulled from its home into the cold and snow to determine how much longer winter will last. Here, there is no question as to if we will see our shadows and winter is not an issue. Our weather could not be nicer. The sun is shining, the skies are clear, the seas are calm and there is a slight breeze. Sitting on our balcony this morning, enjoying the view and listening to the water, I can only think that this is a scene I need to add to my memory for times I will want or need to recall it. This is a day for which to be grateful.

Today the only similarity between ‘Punxsutawney Phil' and me is that we both are near a form of water. Granted I don’t spend much time thinking about water but I have seen and will continue to see quite a lot of it. One of the things I like best about cruising are days when we are completely surrounded by water and the only sight in any direction is the sea. What we have seen yesterday and today reminds me of how calm and engaging the water can be. Beneath the surface exists an entire ecosystem that has been studied, photographed and documented extensively but the water that we are viewing has a life and a personality as well.

It can appear in different colors or can be affected by the weather conditions of the day as when the sun shines on it or the wind blows. It can be smooth as glass or fierce, with huge waves. We have been rocked to sleep with its rolling motion. We have taken delight in watching its different forms and marveled, as it has become a part of the overall scenery.
I "googled" the word water and found this explanation: "In its purest form, it's odorless, nearly colorless and tasteless. It's in your body, the food you eat and the beverages you drink. You use it to clean yourself, your clothes, your dishes and everything else around you. You can travel on it or jump in it to cool off on hot summer days. Many of the products that you use every day contain it or were manufactured using it. All forms of life need it and if they don't get enough of it, they die. Political disputes have centered around it. In some places, it's treasured and incredibly difficult to get. In others, it's incredibly easy to get and then squandered. What substance is more necessary to our existence than any other? Water."

To this I add that water is a symbol of purity and used when a baby is baptized or a woman enters the “mikva”. Water can heal, as when you soak a cut to release any infection. To partake in “watzu” can be emotionally healing. To sit and watch the water can be calming. To hear the thunderous sound and watch the spray of a waterfall can be exhilarating. As we leave for each tour and pick up a bottle of water we know that it can be refreshing and necessary for hydration.

So, when you drink that next glass of water, think about 'Punxsutawney Phil', who has predicted an early spring this year, and me, as I sit on my balcony, taking a mental picture of this glorious day and wondering where else I would have the time or reason to contemplate such things.

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