Thursday, January 24, 2013

Entering Sydney Harbor 1/23/2013

Good morning from Sydney, Australia, and what a morning it has been!
Two years ago we were on a cruise ship that was entering the city of Venice. The captain explained that there were three ports into which it is quite spectacular to sail, Venice, Rio de Janeiro and Sydney. Since then we have been told that Istanbul should be added to the list, so now it totals four.
Today, we were going to personally experience our second of these with an entry into Sydney Harbor. We got seats in the observation lounge at 6:30 am. The ship met up with the pilot boat at 7 and we made our way toward the harbor. 
At first all we could see on the port side was the shadow of the city in the distance. 
As we got closer and rounded the corner we could see the city's skyline right in front of us.
Another turn and there it was, the Opera House we have seen in pictures and heard so much about as well as a portion of the Harbor bridge. In that first moment, we felt as if we had discovered a hidden jewel and it was breathtaking.
                             The Opera House and bridge were then both in full view.
We made our way closer and 
sailed past the Opera House and under the bridge before reaching our berth. 
                                            It had indeed been quite spectacular!

Another point of View 
-the ship, as seen from land-
Lisa and Charlie Feldbaum have joined us for the trip from Sydney to Singapore. From their hotel room, they were able to take a picture of the ship coming into port.

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