Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cruise the coast of Australia 1/25/2013

Today we are traveling north, as we make our way up the eastern coast of Australia. As expected we have a fairly constant view of land on the horizon. We have a new captain onboard.  Last night he announced that the seas would become rather rough this afternoon and if needed, we should take necessary measures, which we translated to mean, prepare yourself if you are prone to seasickness.

The captain updated the weather and sea conditions at noon. We would not enter the rough seas until after dinner but the swells would be such that the ship would “ride the waves and pitch“. He again cautioned those who required it, to take precautions, but he hoped the worst would be while we are sleeping. Tomorrow morning we will be traveling through rain and the forecast for Brisbane is thunderstorms. This is not encouraging news, especially since we have an outdoor tour planned.

We have started the third and final segment of our journey. How did it get here so quickly? When we booked this trip, I wondered, if we would tire of being on the ship, if there would be too many stops to be able to differentiate them, if this many sea days would be impossible to endure or if it would be impossible to live together in one room for this long a period of time.

In reality, with each “turn-around day”, we have been happy to not be packing or leaving the ship. Each stop has had its own characteristics and together have given us an overview of the countries we are visiting. We have come to look forward to the sea days as quite relaxing and a time to recoup before the next adventure. Because of all that is offered on the ship, neither of us has experienced “cabin fever” and we agree that we could remain onboard for an even longer period of time.

However, based on the newest weather predictions, we may reconsider.

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