Sunday, January 27, 2013

Still in Brisbane 1/27/2013

As the captain explained last night, the ship left its berth at 6 am this morning but we anchored in Moreton Bay. Mid-morning he announced that weather conditions were as expected. The storm was a remnant of Cyclone Oswald combined with a low-pressure system that was located northwest of Brisbane and moving very slowly toward New South Wales. The Port of Brisbane had been closed as the seas were experiencing high winds and rough waters. We would remain anchored in the bay until conditions improved. The captain was hoping the storm would begin to move quickly so we could proceed. There would be a further update at noon.

Tours for the upcoming stops had to be adjusted since we would be arriving later than scheduled in the next port of Whitsunday and one of the two days in Cairns was being canceled. Today’s schedule was changed to one of a sea day. Jon went to his bridge lesson and I worked on bringing my blog up to date. I never anticipated that it would be so time consuming or how difficult it would be to upload pictures via the ship’s internet connection, but I am determined to have it finished before the end of the trip.

At noon the information was basically the same. The worst of the storm was still to cross our path and we could expect conditions to worsen. At 4 pm we were told that the waves in the sea were reaching 18 to 20 feet and the wind was blowing at 92 miles per hour.  No one complained about remaining in our current position. At 5 pm the captain informed us that no ships were allowed to travel in or out of the Port of Brisbane until at least 8 am tomorrow morning.

We remained protected in the bay. Even here the waves were large and we watched as they rolled into whitecaps. The rain was heavy. We could hear the whoosh and occasionally the whistle of the wind. We watched, which I had never seen before,  the spray of water as it was picked up and blown by the wind.

The ship is amazingly steady in all of this, something for which we are all grateful. 

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