Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day two of Sea Day Trilogy 12/26/2012

We have often spoken about Dag, the “Norwegian God”, otherwise known as the captain of the ship, Song of Flower that we were on in 1994. Captain Dag was tall, blonde, handsome, approachable and totally in command of his ship. I must say that with each day I become more impressed with the captain of this ship. He was born in Ireland and now calls England, home. He is also tall, handsome and approachable, in total control of the ship and has a wonderful wit.

Today’s update at noon began with him explaining that if we didn’t know what day it was, not to worry, as he had to scratch his head and wonder himself this morning. He then proceeded to tell us the correct day and date and how we were currently headed due east, halfway between Perth and Kangaroo Island. He reported the outdoor temperature to not be as hot as the shuffleboard tournament held this morning. He informed us the sky was sunny and the sea was calm. He thanked the righteous among us as we are all benefitting from their good fortune.

Yesterday, two of the prizes at the extravaganza were charts signed by the captain, one of Australia and the other of New Zealand. The cruise director announced them as “maps” to which the captain corrected him by saying  they were “charts” and that we carry no “maps” on-board. The cruise director answered that the captain must be giving these “charts” as prizes since he had no use for them on this cruise, and if this frightened us we were out of luck, as we could not leave the ship on a sea day. The banter between the captain and the cruise director gets better with each day and adds to the enjoyment of the trip.

Today for us was a most enjoyable lazy day. Jon continues to play bridge each morning and also went this afternoon. I am working on my journal (blog) and editing my photos. With books, games and movies on our i-pad , knitting projects and activities on-board there is plenty to do and of course, a nap is always an available option.Tonight we set our clocks ahead by only a half hour. There are only eighteen places in the world where this occurs, and Central Australia is one of them.

I have mentioned how the sun has been glistening on the water during the day. Tonight the light of the moon is shining on the especially calm water and it is most beautiful. 

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