Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day one of Sea Day Trilogy 12/25/2012- Christmas

Woke to another glorious sunny day with calm waters and an occasional glimpse of land far in the distance. For three days we will cruise the Great Australian Bight, along the southern coast of Australia, on our eastern path to Kangaroo Island.

This morning at breakfast the Captain was in the dining area shaking hands with passengers and crew alike, wishing us all a happy holiday.
At noon, when the Captain made his daily announcements over the loud speaker, the cruise director joined him and it went as follows:
·    - The sound of jingle bells
·    - Captain: (in a deep voice) “Ho, ho ho, a happy holidays to you all!
·      More sounds of jingle bells
·    - Captain: This is the Captain speaking and informing you that we have picked up on radar a gentleman flying through the sky. He has asked permission to come on-board this afternoon.
·    -Cruise Director: Yes, and I understand he also inquired as to if we have a chimney.
·    - Captain: Oh, right. I told him that it was on the gingerbread house in the main lobby.
·      More sounds of jingle bells
·    - Cruise Director: Captain, This is usually the time you tell the passengers our location and the weather and sea conditions.
·    - Captain: How do I know? Today, ask that of the man on the sled. Yes, well, I guess if I don’t tell you, you will to continue to ask, so here goes…
The Captain then gave his daily report and the cruise director announced the special events for the afternoon and the whole thing ended with the sound of more jingle bells.

We did have quite a busy day today. Jon had bridge and time with his trainer. This afternoon we went to “Santa’s Grand Atrium Extravaganza”. Each of the ship’s departments set up games. Guests had 45 minutes to go to as many places as they could and win tickets, that would later be used towards a raffle for prizes. The casino crew had cards on the blackjack table. Guests won a ticket if the card they drew was higher in value than the one picked by the dealer.  The stage crew set up karaoke, for which a ticket was won by singing a song. The dining crew had spices to smell. Identify a certain number and collect a ticket. The engine crew had six boards with bolts attached to them. Six people were given a bucket of screws and the boards. The ticket went to whoever identified and got all the screws on the fastest. The cocktail lounge had a game of putt-putt, with obstacles of beer bottles. There were many more games.

Guests could also vote for their favorite game. It was fun, quite festive and at the end guests put their tickets into a drum and the captain drew the prize-winners. The winning department was the dining crew that was dressed in sombreros and Mexican hats and had set up a game of Mexican ring toss with chillies and English cucumbers.

From there we went to the Gala Teatime with special holiday teats followed by Snowball bingo and by then it was time to think about dinner. One of the restaurants was turned into a French bistro, special for last night and tonight. The evening show featured two comedians and if we had stayed up long enough, at midnight the Queen’s Christmas message was being broadcast live on our TVs’.

Good thing tomorrow is another sea day, so we can get some rest and relaxation.

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